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At Rock Ridge Orchard we raise our own honeybees for pollination and honey production.

 There is a great concern with the decline of honeybees world wide. We are doing our part raising chemical free bees in top bar hives.

 We do not spray the orchard while bees are out pollinating, and we do not use any neonicotinoid pesticides. All efforts are made to make sure these pollinators, which are so important to our earths food supply, are safe and healthy.

Rock Ridge Orchard uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to manage pests and disease in the apple orchard.

The IPM process starts by setting traps out for specific pests, these traps are monitored along with growing degree day models to determine if action needs to be taken on a specific pest or disease. A spray will be applied to the orchard only if it is needed.

In the IPM process, the methods used to control pests are much lower in toxicity with fewer applications. Therefore, it is gentle on humans and more beneficial to insects, animals and the environment than other pest control methods.