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2017 Available Varieties

Honeycrisp Apple

Flavor: Sweet & tart

Uses: A fresh eating favorite! Great for salads, sauce, baking & caramel apples

Zestar Apple

Flavor: Sweet, tart, & crisp

Uses: An earlier variety that should be eaten soon after purchase. Great for fresh eating & cooking

McIntosh Apple

Flavor: Semi-tart

Uses: Should be eaten soon after purchase. Great for fresh sauce and pies.

Cortland Apple

Flavor: Large, sweet, & firm

Uses: Slow to brown. Keeps shape when baked. Great for fresh eating, pies, & salads

Haralson Apple

Flavor: Tart & firm

Uses: A long “keeper.” Great for fresh eating & baking. Wonderful for holiday pies & crisps.

Paula Red Apple

Flavor: Slightly tart & crisp

Uses: Softens quickly. Should be eaten soon after purchase. Cooks well in sauces & pies.

Rock Ridge - Sweet 16

Flavor: Crisp, juicy & sweet. (Affectionately compared to a cherry lifesaver)

Uses: Excellent for fresh eating & pies

Prairie Spy 200

Flavor: Juicy & flavorful

Uses: Great for fresh eating, baking, pies, & sauces. Cooks up soft and stores well.

FrostBite Apple 200

Flavor: Small, very sweet, & juicy

Uses: A late apple great for fresh eating & cider

Crimson Crisp 200

Flavor: Outstanding flavor. Sweet & spicy with a very crisp flesh

Uses: Beautiful appearance & excellent for fresh eating

Fireside Apple 200

Flavor: Large, sweet, & firm. Very flavorful & chunky to chew

Uses: Great “keeper.” Good for pies & crisps

Wolf River 200

Flavor: Very large, hardy, mildly sweet, & starchy

Uses: Great for cooking, drying & storing